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[QUICK HINT] Visual Studio – find was stopped in progress


Have you ever been using “Find in Files” function in Visual Studio? If not, try it – it can speed up your work, but… not always. Sometimes it can cause harm to you mental health, especially when it doesn’t work as it supposed to.

So let’s say that you know what you want to look for and where you want to look and when you press “Find All” the result is not quite what you expected:

Find all “where are you”, Subfolders, Find Results 1, Entire Solution, “”
Matching lines: 6 Matching files: 2 Total files searched: 1654
Find was stopped in progress.

You can encounter this problem in almost every version of Visual Studio, even the newest Visual Studio 2012 has this “feature”. The solution is so simple and yet so hard to understand, but believe me – it works.


Just press CTRL+Break or CTRL+ScrollLock and the “Find…” function will be as good as new.

And remember that there are two CTRL keys on you keyboard – if the first one doesn’t work try the second one 😉


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    CTRL+ScrollLock seemed to work for me. Thanks for Sharubf

  2. Anonymous permalink

    thank you! Thank you! thank you!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Great, thanks!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks!!! Was so annoying!!!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Lots of thanks!!!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    It works, Thank YOU !

  7. Oh God, it works.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Yes thanks, it works. But why?

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks also !!! (But why ?)

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